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Friday, 5 July 2013

Nokia Lumia 925 review

The new Windows Phone flagship from Nokia is a decent device, and all the better for weighing less than its predecessor.

Nokia has a new flagship, and the Lumia 925 comes just six months after the Lumia 920. With another top-of-the-range handset coming in July, rumours suggest, the 925 could be seen as fixing some of the problems encountered by the 920 – it shave 46g off to weigh just 139g. Where its predecessor was defined by its heaviness, this new model is surprisingly light.Part of that is down to a surprising polycarbonate back, which feels both pleasingly tactile and anything but flagship, compared to the metal and glass designs of Apple, HTC and even Huawei. It also provides a two-tone back, which some people will love and many will likely not.

Nonetheless, with a slightly square design, the 925 feels premium overall, and benefits from the luxurious look of Windows Phone. A 1.4GHz Snapdrogon processor provides enough oomph, while a 2,000mAh is the usual, disappointing level that means you need to plug it in mid-afternoon, and there’s no SD card either. But a 4.5” display with a 1280x768 display is impressive, there’s now an FM radio and, as usual, Nokia’s emphasis on camera performance.
The 925 adds what the Finnish company calls ‘Smart Camera’, which is essentially a ‘best shot’ burst mode, taking several and letting you choose your favourite. It’s a neat idea marred by slightly slow performance. I found I got better results simply with the standard mode, however, which is excellent.

While overall, the Lumia 925 is a perfectly good device, it’s the Windows Phone 8 software that continues to be both its greatest strength and weakness – it looks lovely, but still lacks some of the apps that are essential to many users. And it’s a brave buyer who bets against Apple or Android. But if you’re determined to buy a Windows phone, the Lumia 925 is the best out there.

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