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Friday, 9 August 2013

Google will set $300 as the price point for Google Glass

With a whopping $1500 price tag for the early “developer” edition that people had to pay to have early access to Google’s Glass project, many were a bit worried that the launch price point might be too high for the general public. Looks like latest rumors have it as low as $299 upon release. This is just a rumor after all so take it for a grain of salt for now as this bit of info comes from Taiwan’s Topology Research Institute and hasn’t been confirmed by Google themselves. Taiwan’s Topology Research Institute based this price estimate upon how much Google Glass costs to produce per unit.
Of course, we won’t truly know the price point until the release date is closer or until Google tells us, so just be patient until then!
If this truly is the starting price of Glass, is $300 just right in your opinion? And will you be picking one up for yourself?

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