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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Twitter sets new record with 149,199 tweets in 1 second

Twitter has just confirmed on its blog that on August 2 at 7:21:50 PDT there was a new record set of most tweets in 1 second. A new episode of Castle in the Sky aired in Japan leading to a mind blowing 149,199 tweets in 1 second. On a normal day, Twitter processes over 5,700 tweets every second and over 500 million tweets a day but on August 2 this number grew 25x 

Twitter has experienced these sudden peeks of tweets before, the last one was during the 2010 world cup where people crashed the Twitter servers with the amount of tweets they were writing, after this Twitter completely re designed their architecture to be able to support these number of tweets and they can now say that they work.
Twitter has over 500 million users which is significantly lower then popular social network Facebook which has over 1.3 billion registered users.
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