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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Bill Gate's Daughter Uses iPhone agaist her DAD’S Order

Phoebe Gates, the daughter of Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates uses Apple products/gadgets religiously, reports on the internet claim. It is no news that Microsoft manufactures its own smartphones- Windows Smartphones and they have faced strong competition in recent years from Apple’s iPhone with many people going for Apple’s iPhone more than Windows Smartphones.

While Bill Gates is brainstorming on how to improve the Windows Smartphones, convince people to buy and get a larger share of the smartphone market, his daughter, Phobe Gates is also busy showing her iPhone on the streets. In the picture above, she was seen holding an iPhone while taking a walk on the streets despite Bill Gates reportedly prohibiting his family members from using Apple products but you can see she’s probably enjoying music on her iPhone. The iPhone has some really great Music Applications that every iPhone users should have. This must really be a nightmare for Bill Gate. There is an apple consumer in his own house. An Apple consumer who probably bought an iPhone with money made from Windows smartphones but what can he do. Countries like the United States give everyone the right to buy any legitimate product with his money. Phoebe has the constitutional right to buy an iPhone I think. The real problem for Bill Gates now is how to convince people to buy his smartphones when even his family members and probably some of his employees are not using it
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