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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Google renames next version of Android – get ready for some KitKat

Google has just announced the new name for the next version of Android (4.4) and it is not a pie, it is KitKat, the chocolate candy bar. Before you start worrying about trademark infringement, rest assured Google has permission to use the name. In fact, they not only got permission, but KitKat is sponsoring a contest to giveaway a Nexus 7 tablet or Google Play credits if you buy the right, specially packaged KitKat bar.

According to a post on their Android+ page, Google approached KitKat to ask whether they could use the name. Clearly KitKat recognized that having their name associated with the dominate mobile operating system in the global market could only be good for business. The Android+ post came mere moments after Sundar Pichai posted a pic of the AndroidKitKat on his Google+ page as part of a post about a trip to Asia visiting Android ecosystem partners.
What do you think – better than Key Lime Pie?

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