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Friday, 4 October 2013

iOS 7 Update 7.0.3 Fixes iMessage, Security Flaw, But No Word On Motion Sickness

An iOS 7 update numbered iOS 7.0.3 will fix major security flaws and a texting issue with iMessage.
A partial fix for the iOS 7 motion sickness can be found in the settings. But the majority of iPhone users report that it’s the zooming animations making them sick, so Apple will probably have to release an iOS 7 update that specifically allows turning off that feature.
One major iOS 7 security flawaffects a stolen iPhone 5S but so far Apple hasn’t fixed it. A previous iOS 7 updatereleased on September 26 fixed another security flaw where hackers could access an iPhone regardless of whether a passcode had been activated. But the other iOS 7 security flaw is actually based upon a workaround on a new iOS 7 feature. A stolen iPhone 5S can be put into airplane mode, which prevents Apple recovery functionality from working and allows the thief to work on breaking your passcode at their leisure.
If you are worried about iPhone 5Sfingerprint scanner hacking you don’t have to be too worried. Even if a thief were to abscond with one of your fingers Apple’s technology checks for body heat and pulse so your precious data will be safe even if your hand may not be.
The iOS 7 iMessage bug is preventing iPhone users from sending free text and multimedia messages to other iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch users. Many iMessage users are complaining they haven’t been receiving any texts or messages. Worse, some iPhone 5S users have seen these messages go out as regular SMS text messages, which could cost money for those not on unlimited texting plans. Until the iOS 7 update is released Apple is suggesting disabling iMessage, resetting the iPhone network settings, and then reactivating iMessage.

What do you want to see in a future iOS 7 update for the iPhone 5S?
Source: InQuisitr
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