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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Skype update brings HD video calling to iPhone and iPad

Microsoft just updated its video-conferencing and calling app, Skype, on the iPhone and iPad. Skype 4.1 brings HD video calling to the app, and even though its 720p HD, not the 1080p that you may be accustomed to, its still a welcomed change to the much used calling App.
Microsoft’s Skype has been getting lots of competition from Apple’s own video calling service Facetime, allowing users to cross-platform video chat.

The app requires a minimum of iOS 5 to run, and will work on beta versions of iOS 7 beta 5 as well. The 4.1 update is in line with Microsoft’s update history on the iOS platform; for example, the Skype app received video calling capabilities with version 3.0 that released back in 2010.
Here is the full list of changes made in the 4.1 update
- Make HD quality video calls from your iPad (4th generation only).
- General improvements to call quality and stability.
- A redesigned country code picker on the dial pad.

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