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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Windows 8.1 to be released in October 17th

preview version of the software has been available since June and Microsoft is almost ready to release Windows 8.1 to manufacturers.
But the update will not be rolled out to existing machines until later in the Autumn, according to sources cited by
The Windows update will reportedly come at the same time as the release of new hardware carrying the Microsoft operating system, including 7- and 8-inch devices.
We already know that the upgraded operating system will run Internet Explorer 11, the new version of the web browser which Microsoft have claimed is “fast, fluid and perfect for touch,” providing “the best web experience across the full range of Windows devices and screen sizes”.
Features include improved browsing of sites side-by-side on the same screen and syncing of passwords and favourite sites across devices through the cloud.

Windows 8.1 will also see the return of the Start button, the absence of which from the previous version of the software was noted by users, as well as a built-in Bing-powered search engine.
It will also allow users to circumvent the ‘Live tile’ interface built for touch screens and go directly to the desktop mode. And there will be direct support for 3D printers – signalling a hope that the new technology will become mainstream in the near future.
A number of tutorials and explanatory menus will be added to the operating system, Microsoft said, to help users adjust to the updates.
The original Windows 8 was released last October.
Source: The Telegraph

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