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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Yahoo in talks to buy Blackberry

As of today smartphone manufacturer Blackberry (previously known as RIM) is officially for up for sale, as it states to The Wallstreet journal, but who is interested in purchasing it? A trusted source (currently employed at Yahoo) has confirmed to AmongTech that Yahoo is one of the interested buyers of the smartphone manufacturer, offering $1.2 billion dollars. This could mean that Yahoo is finally entering the Smartphone business.

Blackberry has been struggling for a long time, with in 2 years firing over 50% of its employees and losing more then 50% of its revenue compared to previous years.
Yahoo’s CEO Marrisa Mayer  is currently on a buying streak, buying Tumblr, Sumly,, Xobni and over 83 more companies. The biggest acquisition yet was Tumblr which gave Yahoo the possibilities to attract a whole new audience between the ages of 16 – 28 and a huge amount of mobile traffic.

Do you think Yahoo should acquire Blackberry to enter the smartphone business? Let us know!
Source: Among Tech
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