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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Cyber hackers 'hired to attack governments and banks'

 A covert Chinese group known as Hidden Lynx is believed to have up to 100 skilled hackers who carry out prolonged campaigns on behalf of their clients.
Software company Symantec has been tracking the group for the last two years and found them to be behind six major online attacks.
The group employs sophisticated hacking techniques in campaigns which are meticulously researched, at times targeting hundreds of different organisation at the same time.
More than half of Hidden Lynx's targets are based in America according to the report, with organisations in Taiwan, Germany, Russia and China itself also being attacked.
Financial institutions such as investment banks and asset managers are most commonly hacked, while "all levels of government from local to national level" have been targeted.
"This group is most likely a professional hacker-for-hire operation that are contracted by clients to provide information," Symantec wrote in a blog about the cyber group.
"They steal on demand, whatever their clients are interested in, hence the wide variety and range of targets."
Hidden Lynx shows the "tenacity and patience of an intelligent hunter" and has the "hunger and drive" to become one of the most notorious groups operating today.
Unlike other prominent hackers like Anonymous or LulzSec, who appear to be motivated more by a desire to cause mischief than gain commercially, Hidden Lynx is a professional outfit.
They are believed to act like online bounty hunters, being paid large amounts of money by clients looking to gain an advantage in commercial deals or geopolitics.
Source: Telegraph
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