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Friday, 18 October 2013

Microsoft launches Remote Desktop app for Android and iOS

The Remote Desktop app, which can be downloaded for free fromGoogle Play and Apple’s App Store, lets users connect to a remote PC while on the move.
It is mainly aimed at business users who want to access their work resources from wherever they are, but could also be used to access personal files such as photos and documents stored on a Windows PC.
Both the iOS and Android apps offers multi-touch controls, a secure connection to your data, simple management tools and high quality video and sound streaming. The iOS version also offers easy connection to external monitors or projectors for presentations.
Microsoft has offered remote access to Windows PCs and Macs for years, but this is the first time the functionality has been made available to mobile devices that are not running one of its operating systems.
The apps have not been widely publicised. Microsoft made a one-line mention of the app in a press release issued last week, but the company had not publicly announced their availability at the time of writing.
It is likely that Microsoft is playing down the new apps in order to retain focus on its Windows Phone 8 platform, which offers tight integration with Windows 8 on the desktop and allows users to sync files and apps between their Windows Phone and their Windows tablet or desktop PC.
The company also announced the launch of Windows 8.1 yesterday, which includes a range of refinements and functional improvements including a more customisable Start screen, enhanced Bing search, and a range of new apps and services.

Source: Telegraph
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