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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Microsoft Smart Watch With LTE Connectivity Is Under Development

A Microsoft watch is currently in the works and will feature LTE technology, according to a new report.
The smartwatch with mobile device connectivity was first rumored in April, and now a prototype is believed to be near completion and in preparation for team-based testing.
Microsoft could face a lot of competition in the wearable tech space by the time the smartwatch debuts. The Apple iWatch team recently began hiring new workers, and Sony has already released generation 2 of its Google Android based smartwatch.
According to The Verge, the Microsoft Watch was originally testing as the Joule and featured a heart-rate monitor for use with the company’s Kinect and fitness games. The watch featured a 1.5-inch display that required parts from several manufacturers.
In another rumor, AmongTech claimed that Microsoft was working with removable wrist bands. The original prototypes from Microsoft were said to include a translucent material called Oxynitride Aluminum. That material is three times harder than glass but also much more expensive.
The new Microsoft Watch prototypes are said to use a modified version of Windows 8 that is capable of interacting with other Windows devices. The current rumor also suggests 6GB of storage alongside its own 4G LTE data connection. With LTE, the smartwatch can work on its own to browse the web and perform other tasks. It’s that LTE technology that could give Microsoft leverage over its potential and current competitors.
While the Microsoft smartwatch would not be a smartphone based on current rumors, it could receive push notifications from the users smartphone and even control Windows Apps remotely.
With Apple, Samsung, and now Microsoft entering the smartwatch business, it is turning into an exciting time for wearable technology.
Would you be willing to purchase and wear a Microsoft Watch? Do you think the wearable tech industry lead by smartwatch devices and Google Glass is looking promising?
Source: Telegraph

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