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Monday, 14 October 2013

LG unveils new curved G Flex smartphone

The South Korean company is understood to be The South Korean company is understood to be launching the curved Android phone, called G Flex, next month.
Pictures of the six-inch smartphone were released to Android Authority, although the specs and pricing have not yet been revealed.
It comes after Samsung, the world's bestselling smartphone maker, unveiled the world’s first curved screen smartphone last week.
LG’s version will rival the 5.7-inch high definition Galaxy Round, and has a different design as it curves from top to bottom rather than from side to side.
The curve is designed to ergonomically fit around the user's face as they use the smartphone.
Pictures show the LG G Flex will use similar button placement to the LG G2, which has rear buttons to provide more space for the battery and increase battery life.
Both LG and Samsung have already released televisions featuring the curved organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays, which can bend because they are made of plastic rather than glass.
Research firm IHS Display predicts the global flexible display industry will see dramatic growth in the coming years, becoming a $1.5 billion (£900 million) market by 2016 and exceeding $10 billion by 2019.
Source: Telegraph

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