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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Bacteria powered lamp (forget electricity)

While surfing the internet I stumbled on this article. Whenever bacteria is being mentioned  the first thing that subconsciously come to our minds is sickness, diseases ,infections bla ,bla,bla .But indeed I was surprised at what these bacterial can do a bacteria powered lamp  designed by a Dutch called Teresa van Dongen
“The Dutch designer has created an unusual desktop lamp which is powered by glowing bacteria extracted from an octopus.
But before it can be used in households around the world to lower electricity bills it will need perfecting: the Ambio lamp has two slight drawbacks.
Firstly, the bacteria require constant movement in order to prompt their bioluminescence, which creates a soft blue glow.
To solve this Teresa van Dongen created a pendulum-like lamp which needs to be rocked by hand occasionally, and will then glow for several minutes. The glass vial containing the bacteria also has a breather hole to allow oxygen in, a vital feature to prevent the tiny bacterium from suffocating.
The second problem is that the bacteria – a photobacterium isolated from octopi and suspended in an “artificial seawater medium" – keep dying after a few days.
The students at the TU Delft who provided the bacteria are currently conducting research in a bid to prolong its lifespan and create a more practical lamp. Until then the Ambio will remain a curiosity.
Despite these setbacks the lamp provides a rather pleasing glow unlike any electric lamp, thanks to the bacteria that is similar to those found in shallow water next to beaches around the UK.
“Anyone who has ever experienced this knows how magical it looks,” says van Dongen.
“The phenomenon is caused by bioluminescent micro-organisms in seawater that emit light when provided with oxygen every time a wave turnes.
“This principle inspired me to combine my passion for design and biology in a bioluminescent light installation.”
Am very sure would be amazed after reading this a Urine powered electricity ,technology revolution is on the rampage young, smart and vibrant minds are working to change the world with technology  for good. hope in life I get to see flying cars commercialized
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