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Thursday, 31 October 2013

iGoogle is Shutting down in three days

Just a quick reminder that iGoogle is closing down in three days. In one of the company’s “spring cleaning” announcements over the Summer it was announced that the personalized homepage product was drawing to a close.
iGoogle allowed users to create personalized homepages that featured news they cared about, weather updates, and various other pieces of information provided by Google and third-party vendors.
Some Google products draw a lot of outcry when they are released, for example, the Google Reader product which spurred various new RSS applications. Yahoo, apparently realizing that some users would not be happy with the iGoogle closure, introduced an import tool for its own homepage redesign. The import tool was announced as part of the My Yahoo product update.
For iGoogle users who don’t want to join the ranks of Yahoo users there are a number of alternatives which also offer personalized homepages. A few that come to mind include:

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