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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

iPhone 6 to be waterproof

Will Apple make the iPhone 6 waterproof? Some fans are hoping so, but even water resistance should be a checklist item for high end smartphones if only because it’s healthier.
In a related report by The Inquisitr, a fake ad for iOS 7 claimed the update would make your iPhone waterproof… hopefully no one tested that idea out.
Unless you happen to run out and get Best Buy’s $1 iPhone 5S deal today, Apple’s products tend to not be cheap to replace. People talk about disposable income but if you drop your iPhone 5S in the water then you’re looking at a $699.99 bill. So now we can give those three reason for why Apple could, and should, make the iPhone 6 waterproof.
#1 Samsung Galaxy S5 Is Waterproof
For the most part the Galaxy S5 is going to be the nemesis of the iPhone 6. And even iPhone fan Peter Cohen is jealous of this feature:
“If Sony and Samsung’s offerings are anything to go with, Apple could produce an iPhone that’s water resistant to about three feet for 30 minutes and still keep it outside of a discrete case. The goal here wouldn’t be to make an iPhone that you could take with you into the water, per se, but instead an iPhone that could tolerate occasional spills or quick dunks without completely frying. Something that you could keep in your pocket in a heavy downpour and not have to worry about shorting out.”
#2 The iPhone Can Be Made Waterproof Already
A few companies offer treatment services to make your iPhone less likely to get water damage. There’s also cases that make the iPhone completely submersible.
As an example, check out the company called Liquipel, which produces a super hydrophobic solution
Quite frankly, I don’t see why such a chemical layer shouldn’t be built into the iPhone 6 as standard. Which brings us to our final point:
# 3 iPhone Waterproofing Is Healthier
When everyone talks about the hydrophobic materials they’re often focused on how they repel water and other liquids. But another aspect rarely talked about is how bacteria and other gunk cannot live on those surfaces. For example, one of the earliest products to feature hydrophobic materials was a toilet plunger and it was advertise as germ-free.
Nowadays, smartphones are just nasty to the touch… literally. People touch them after, even during, using the restroom. In fact, it’s being reported that gross smartphones carry more germs than public toilet seat. So have your iPhone waterproofed by this method has the side effect of making them healthier.
Do you think Apple should make the iPhone 6 waterproof?

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